[01 Oct 2013|11:00pm]
activities for celeb

FRIENDLY: the main activities journal for the community is called EXTRAS and is run by princess bubblegum, not the mod team! it posts a wide range of activities for each holiday as well as rigslist ads that help pair up members who are looking for friends (or more) with other members through adorable anonymous ads that can be replied to. if you have any questions or comments definitely head on over and see what they're working on currently, including the standing weekly mixtape monday hosts!

SUBCOMMS: if you're feeling a little dancey we have MUSICAL available to post a song, whether it's about how you're feeling or just something you're listening to at the moment that you want to share! we also have GAB, our "random" comm, for random thoughts, games, polls, or whatever else floats your boat.

UNIQUE SUBCOMMS: we have a few non-mod run special interest subcomms at the community, right now there's AMUSEMENT where you can post game announcements, organize movie or game nights, or even post something like truth or dare (or any other comment based game). there's also

GOSSIP: if you have some interesting gossip you want to share head on over to BLINDS, the blind item journal. they take the hot topics of the week (so feel free to submit whatever you know!) and wrap them up in a slew of secretive hints and phrases before posting their gossip column for the whole community to read.

BIRTHDAYS: here at celeb we celebrate everyone's special day with an update pass and a post wishing them a happy birthday, just go to the FRIENDLY and make sure your name and birthday are there for your special me day.

POINTS: to earn get-out-of-updating-free passes all you have to do is what you're doing anyway, being active! save the links of comments you post on a new member's friends only post, intros, subcomm posts and musical posts and comment the POINTS JOURNAL with them to earn points towards your passes. you also get points for advertising for the community in RPS and for posting in community subcomms!

if you have any suggestions, questions, or comments about activities just let us know and we'd be more than happy to discuss them with you or try to include new things!