[01 Oct 2013|11:00pm]

1.CAN I HAVE SOMEONE LINKED IN MY USERINFO NOT IN THE COMMUNITY?: yes! if said person is replaced in the community we ask that you remove the link. if you fail to do so and we see it or it is pointed out to us, we will ask you to remove it.

2.CAN I HAVE INTERESTS WITH SOMEONE NOT IN THE COMMUNITY?: yes! even if the person is replaced you may keep the interests still.

3.CAN I INTERACT WITH SOMEONE IN RPS? as long as the person is not in the community at all we don't mind this at all! of course you can interact with each other too.

4.CAN I KEEP SOMEONE FRIENDED TO MY JOURNAL NO LONGER IN THE COMMUNITY? as long as the person is not replaced by anyone you can!

5.HOW CAN I EARN ASK ME ANYTHING? we base this on activity for the week! we realize a lot of people may be active during the week, but please keep in mind we can only pick one female and male so it's nothing personal if you don't get picked that week!

6.I PASSED MY LAST UPDATE BUT WAS REWARDED ASK ME ANYTHING, CAN I STILL USE IT? yes, you can! because you don't know when you'll be given ask me anything, this is the only time you can pass back to back but you can not pass again AFTER you use it!